Say hello to Craft Beer Hour 789!

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Craft Beer Hour 789 with Blackened Sun Brewing Co.

We’re proud to be a Craft Beer Hour partner venue! So what does that mean? Well, we’ll be bringing you beers once a month from one of the hosts of Craft Beer Hour, with taps 7, 8 and 9 in our taproom pouring great new beers. There’ll also be samples of other beers doing the rounds, and food specials cooked by our resident pop-up, Rib & Rub BBQ. Our first event is this weekend, featuring beers from Blackened Sun Brewing Company (based in Milton Keynes). Coming up on taps 7, 8 + 9 this will be:

👉 Awakening IPA (5.7%)
A constantly evolving year round IPA, this beer uses different hop varieties from around the globe every time it’s brewed. Refreshing and enlightened, this daring brew will not only quench your thirst but illuminate your palate. Vegan-friendly 🌱

👉 Hédoné Saison (3.6%)
Hédoné Saison (from the Greek personification of pleasure) is a sessionable beer made with British malt and hops and traditional saison yeast. Light and refreshing with a spicy, fruity yeast character and notes of citrus and berries from the hops. Hédoné demonstrates that lower alcohol beers do not have to be devoid of flavour. Vegan-friendly 🌱

👉 Nebula Stout (6.8%)
Rich, dark and bold, this stout features deep malt flavours including molasses and toffee combined with a fruity Abbey yeast character. Vegan-friendly 🌱

Check our Facebook event later in the week for info about some of the samples we’ll be sharing on Friday and Saturday! Want to know which of our beers will also be available this weekend? Head over to our Taproom page.

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