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Blonde Star

Crisp and fresh, Blonde Star is light in body but certainly not in flavour. Brim-full of lemon, grapefruit, passion fruit and pale malt. Refreshing and satisfying, this was our first beer and it’s still our biggest seller.

  • 4.1% Alcohol by Volume
  • 1.3 UK Units
  • 36 International Bittering Units

Citra Star

Our hoppy blonde Citra Star is loaded with grapefruit, lemon, and lime flavours but is light bodied enough to keep you coming back for more.

Highly hopped with a big, bitter finish.

  • 4.1% Alcohol by Volume
  • 1.3 UK Units
  • 36 International Bittering Units

Exile (Gluten Free)

No gluten can attach itself to this clean, slick pale ale. Big American hops give rise to the awesome flavours with smooth as f*#k biterness!

  • 1.8 UK Units
  • 50 International Bittering Units

Boot Boys

Enjoy a kick in the taste buds from this classic northern brown ale. Laced up with rich caramel malt flavours and a nutty finish.


An IPA with attitude is the best way to describe this beer. Alcoholic tropical fruit juice. Citra Star on steroids!

  • 6% Alcohol by Volume
  • 2.0 UK Units
  • 56 International Bittering Units

Quiet Riot

Our South Pacific IPA is overflowing with kiwi fruits, lime and orange zest. Sweet malts are balanced against a big bitter bite. Medium in body, oily in texture and delicious in flavour.

  • 6.6% Alcohol by Volume
  • 2.2 UK Units
  • 90 International Bittering Units

Sublime Chaos

Voted Best Stout in the UK & EUROPE, World Beer Awards 2015!

Our dark, voluptuous breakfast stout is infused with Ethiopian Guji natural coffee beans from Stafford based coffee roaster Hasbean. Velvety and vicious, it is balanced delicately with New Zealand hops.

  • 7% Alcohol by Volume
  • 2.3 UK Units
  • 32 International Bittering Units