Can Launch at dAt bAr – Tuesday 4th April

As you may have heard on the hop bine that we have taken the decision to put a range of our beer into cans!

You will soon be able to enjoy naturally-carbonated, can-conditioned Anarchy beer, the first opportunity will be at dAt bAr in Newcastle city centre on Tuesday 4th April.

We felt dAt bAr would be the perfect venue to launch our cans as we think the decor / feel of the bar complements our brand and style, and already being a regular customer of ours this gave us the perfect platform!

Dat bar poster

When it came to choosing which beers we wanted to can, we thought carefully  about offering a wide a spectrum as possible, here’s what we decided…..Can range blurb

Alongside our cans we will be continuing our in-house bottling using 500ml bottles, so keep an eye out!

Anarchy out.